Burgundy Asian Style Paisley Handkerchief



The paisley handkerchief will complement your tie or shirt perfectly. For paisley, we recommend picking out a colour from your tie, although not the tie’s primary colour, and match your handkerchief to that colour. Remember, an exact match of your handkerchief and tie is not recommended.

Product Description

Burgundy Asian Style Paisley Handkerchief. The ever-popular handkerchief can look great in a variety of settings. From the professional look of a pocket square to the pointed fold of a wedding suit or other formal wear, a handkerchief can bring your suit alive. The versatility of a handkerchief makes them one of McCann Bespoke’s best selling accessories. Even if you’re not wearing it in the breast pocket of your suit, carrying around a handkerchief is a very fashionable statement.

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