Fuchsia with Paisley Cravat



A paisley cravat is a fantastically bold fashion statement, giving you a fashionable edge when it comes to everyday fashion. The bold prints and bright colours of our cravats make a simple outfit stand out from the crowd. They can be worn with a simple white shirt to formalise your look.

Product Description

Fuchsia with Paisley Cravat. The stylish cravat came from military origin in the 16th century and has since risen through the ranks to be one of the most sought after trends in men’s formal wear. The cravat is popular in both a formal and casual setting. We recommend simply tying a knot in the fabric around the neck and wearing it under a white shirt if you’re looking for a casual look. The wedding cravat effect is also increasingly popular and adds an extra special touch to your wedding suit.

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